Dirty Genes Facebook Live Recap
Day 1 - Dirty Genes: Are your genes dirty?

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4:05          What are Dirty Genes?
7:35          How do genes get dirty?
9:51          How do you clean them up?
12:23        Genes covered in the book, Dirty Genes
28:30        Why Dirty Genes was hard to write
31:15        How do you know if your genes are dirty?

Is one of your Super Seven genes dirty? Find out here.
Day 2 - MTHFR: The Methylation Master
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4:38          What is MTHFR?
5:33          What can you get methylfolate from?
10:32        How is MTHFR related to miscarriages?
12:33        How is MTHFR is related to liver issues
16:41        Recipes to support MTHFR
20:00        MTHFR and neurological conditions
23:16        Important nutrients for MTHFR
27:23        Riboflavin and hypothyroidism
32:28        Is 23andMe still the best genetic test?
35:12        Inheriting MTHFR
38:05        How to find out if you have Dirty Genes

Is your MTHFR dirty? Find out! Then see what to do about it here.
Day 3 - GST/GPX: Detox Dilemmas
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4:18          Why GST/GPX?
6:45          How does GST/GPX get dirty?
19:56        What does GST/GPX need to function?
26:56        Methylation and glutathione
33:42        Is NAC okay to take?
38:07        GSTT1 deletion
40:20        Cautions with NAC
45:13        Is topical glutathione helpful?
46:20        Downside of NAC
47:17        Does CBS slow glutathione production
48:42        Does heavy metal toxicity affect glutathione 
49:26        Can a fast glutathione peroxidase gene help a    homozygous GST?
50:55        What if you're B6 level is too high?
51:32        Can you take too much glutathione?
54:14        Is a low CGT blood level a problem?
55:30        Does cleaning up genes always involve supplements?
58:10        Why genetic testing?

Is your GST/GPX dirty? Find out! Then see what to do about it here.
Day 4 - COMT (slow): Focused and Buoyant!
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0:10          Symptoms of COMT (slow)
4:21          What is a dirty gene?
7:00          What is COMT?
17:59        COMT can contribute to Parkinson's disease
22:49        Cleaning up multiple dirty genes
28:29        Asthma and estrogen
32:06        Vitamin B12 and COMT
38:45        What nutrients does the COMT gene need?
42:29        The DIY methylation test with SAMe
56:15        Is a heterozygous slow?
58:32        Pros and Cons of a protein diet?

Is your COMT slow?! Find out! Then see what to do about it here. 
Day 5 - COMT (fast): Laid-back and Calm
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0:57          Dopamine issues 
6:50          What happens with low dopamine?
11:09        What happens if as a woman you're clearing                              estrogen quickly?
13:03        Where to get a hormone test 
17:16        Protein and a fast COMT
27:44        Negative attention and a fast COMT
31:33        Breakfast protein
34:24        Nutrients to support fast COMT
48:22        How genes work together
49:21        Bipolar disorder
54:07        Those with fast COMT can perform well under                          pressure  
59:49        Tyrosine for ADHD  
1:02:24     Haplotypes

Is your COMT fast?! Find out! Then see what to do about it here. 
Day 6 - MAOA (slow): Irritable Insomniac
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4:35          Symptoms of a slow MAOA
10:25        Mechanism of a slow MAOA
17:25        Foods that are high in tryptophan
24:02        How to tell if MAOA is fast or slow on StrateGene
26:30        Carbs and reactive hypoglycemia
26:38        What happens to neurotransmitters when you                          have a  slow COMT and a slow MAOA?
30:50        Does a slow MAOA contribute to histamine                                intolerance?
32:02        Nutritional support for MAOA
35:45        Help for falling asleep
44:40        23andMe - $99 or $199?

Is your MAOA slow?! Find out! Then see what to do about it here. 
Day 7 - MAOA (fast): Mood Swings & Carb Cravings
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4:30          What is a dirty gene?
7:10          What does the MAOA gene do?
14:04        SSRI's - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
20:57        MAOA and sleep
29:15        Why would you have a carb addiction with MAOA?
36:59        Inability to burn body fat and the SCAD gene
38:40        Stress depletes serotonin
46:41        Hydrogen peroxide and a fast MAOA
48:05        5HTP
51:53        Dr. Lynch's story on how he dirtied his                                          genes

Is your MAOA fast?! Find out! Then see what to do about it here. 
Day 8 - PEMT: Cell Membranes & Liver
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3:00          What is PEMT?
7:28          Why a PEMT variant can be beneficial
12:46        What does the PEMT gene do?
20:29        Supporting the PEMT gene
23:16        What happens with a PEMT variant and high                               homocysteine?
30:44        High cholesterol and gallbladder issues
41:13        How to take Phosphatidycholine
48:18        SIBO
52:29        Dedication in Dirty Genes
54:00        Is sunflower oil bad?
57:40        Phosphatidylcholine and seizures

Is your PEMT gene dirty?! Find out! Then see what to do about it here. 
Day 9 - NOS3: Heart Issues
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3:16          NOS3 is sensitive to estrogen
4:05          Function of NOS3
6:49          How NOS3 gets dirty
9:50          Signs and symptoms of a dirty NOS3
18:38        MTHFR and NOS3
28:27        Mechanism of NOS3
30:36        NOS3 and vision
32:10        High homocysteine and cardiovascular disease
35:04        Infections and increased risk for cardiovascular                        disease
39:40        Is there a particular order for cleaning genes?
41:40        How to clean up dirty genes
44:25        Mouth breathing and cardiovascular disease
01:02        Supplements that support NOS3

Is your NOS3 gene dirty?! Find out! Then see what to do about it here. 
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